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                    A brief introduction                   


     In France, a man by the name of Georges Perec set out to observe the world around him. As he sat, he took very close and precise record of every little detail that surrounded him in his everyday life, noting anything from the weather outside, to the little symbols on articles of clothing, to even the way he was feeling at the time of his recording. After a sitting of three days, Perec was able to collect over 500 pages of writing about his observations.




     As Perec once did, this is a project set out and inspired on Perec’s work, where I will be documenting the very same things that he set out to record in his time, the only difference being that this will take place in the Lansing area rather than France. In my focus, I have attempted to address the significance of the little things; as the topic above addresses, that occur in an ordinary day at any given time. For a period of three days, just like Perec, I will sit and record my surroundings from three populous or deserted regions for three or more hours. Everything and anything that I find significant shall be recorded, keeping intricate detail and descriptiveness if necessary. Below is a short film also provided via the inspiration of Georges Perec, in which I have placed my visions in a cinematographic fashion to show audiences all the little events that can occur without notice within just a couple hours in a given day. This film was recorded on May 16, 2014 within the location of Lansing regarded as Potter Park and Zoological Gardens and can be found on the next page.



     Followed after the short, I have put my journal records into text, to put them into a narrative perspective, to help show what was going on in my mind and what was to be seen at the time.


You can find one of Perec's books here



If you would like to learn more about Perec, here is a wiki history wirrten for him


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